What Does A Plumber Do?

A plumber has been an integral part of society since Ancient Rome used aqueducts to carry water from distant water sources to their towns and cities. In modern society, the plumbers are responsible for installing and maintaining systems that provide clean water for drinking and washing and systems that remove wastewater from households and commercial buildings.

Here are five main responsibilities that fit the plumber’s job description supplied by a Gold Coast plumbing company;

1. Install fixtures and water pipes

— Plumbers can install a variety of different piping materials such as copper, steel, and plastic. They use different saws and wrenches to install the right length of pipes in the system.

2. Follow water system blueprints and local building regulations

— A top Plumber should be able to understand a building’s blueprints to find the most efficient and cheapest way to repair and install plumbing components. He or she should also ensure that the work is well within the safety regulations imposed by the local government.

3. Planning plumbing systems

— Plumbers can assess current projects and find the ideal amount of materials, equipment, and manpower that is needed to install it.

4. Inspection of installed plumbing systems

— Plumbers employ a wide variety of tools to find any problems such as clogs and leaks.

5. Repair and Replacement of piping system components

— After assessing the building’s system the plumber may use different equipment to repair or, if necessary, install new components. Plumbers may use torches and soldering kits to repair and install metallic pipes. They also use a wide variety of augers and plungers to fix common problems such as clogged drains.