The Locksmith Business: Car Key Cutting

If you lose the keys to your car, you don’t have to panic. This is because local Brisbane locksmiths are here for you and can have your car key made even if you do not have a sample. Locksmiths do not need a master key to have this job done. Modern cars have numbers or immobilise security codes that make it easy to have your key replaced.  Locksmiths specialise in car key cutting and we can produce a new car key even when there is no hint to look at.  Our services are available to the motor traders and the general public at large.

Producing the Best Car Keys

Locksmiths stock key blanks, transponder chips, remote keys, that can be used to make the required key in the shortest time possible.

transponder key

Locksmiths Can Create Spare Keys

If you need a spare key, you do not have to worry we have the capacity and the ability to produce a duplicate key within a short period of time. If your key is coded, we can also make a direct copy in the shortest time possible. We have sophisticated machines and equipment which we use to make the coded car key. The machine copies the code onto a new transponder chip.  If your car uses the encrypted chip, it may not be easy to copy such a key. In this case, we produce a new key and code it accordingly.

Is your car new and yet it came with one key? You need to contact us so that we can make a duplicate and save you from the trouble you may be forced to go through if you accidentally lost the key to your car. If on the other hand, the car has more than one key reprogrammed into its immobilizer, there is at least one person who may have a spare key and thus, it is important that you bring the car for reprogramming.

We Can Replace Lost Car Keys

If you have lost your car keys, we shall quickly provide a replacement as soon as you call us. Our mobile van will come to your aid and have the technicians replace the car. We provide the key in the cheapest and the most convenient way.

If you cannot find keys to your car, the two options available to you is to contact your dealership or contact us to have the lost car replaced.  Unlike the dealer who may take his sweat time to have the key replaced, we shall have it replaced immediately.

Car Key Making and Replacement

The advancement in car cutting technology has made it easy to have car key replaced. The emergency of transponder key programming and laser key cutting technology has made it easy to have your keys replaced without necessarily having to visit the dealership from whom you bought the car. However, it is necessary that you choose a firm that is ahead of the curve when it comes to key replacement.