Great SEO Isn’t Cheap

Why Great SEO Is Not Cheap!

In life, most people tend to seek the cheap way out always. Whether it is a mobile phone or a complete SEO strategy, they just do not want to spend the cash. What they do not understand is that you always get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap phone, do not expect it to be durable and have a million features. Similarly, if you buy cheap SEO, you should not complain if you do not get lasting results.

The following are a few justifications why you must never use those discount SEO services and the reasons why great SEO does not come cheap.


You have to understand that search is a zero sum game. This means that for every better rank that you achieve, someone somewhere is getting a poorer ranking. You also have to understand that your search competitors are continually reinvesting their profits on such things as SEO, which means that if you invest less than they do, you simply will not catch up. Even if you are able to match the level of investment of your search engine-ranking leader, you still must use superior strategies to beat them.


Every single keyword is unique. While some keywords might be localized, you have others being e-commerce ads and some being AdWords ads. The layout of the results page is a great determinant of the potential return of organic search. Without spending any money, you will find some variables being hard to influence. For instance, advertisers for such a keyword as ‘car insurance’ might spend in upwards of a billion dollars every year on marketing. Such marketing drives brand-related searches and improves engagement with users, which the search engines consider as a sign of quality.

Reactive Vs Proactive

Consider your great SEO plans for the future. Remember that the numerous updates from Google have hit many websites hard in terms of ranking. If your SEO strategy rides to close to the acceptable limits, you can rest assured that you will eventually be hit.

Similarly, you have to remember that what is acceptable now might not be acceptable in the future. Costs of cleaning up such a mess in the future are much more than what it would take you to start over afresh.

Scaling Services

For you to push a scale on a small budget, it means that you have to take shortcuts. The shortcuts might border on the limits and even though it might work in the short-run, you will be exposing yourself to danger in the end.

Tracking Performance

Today, Google is increasingly holding back more data. For a long time, Google shared keywords in referrers. However, in the recent year, Google is holding back more and more organic search data. Google is increasingly offering more data to advertisers. If you can get access to AdWords data, you get access to better performance data.

In conclusion, the reasons mentioned above are why great SEO does not come cheap. As you can see, if you do not spend enough on SEO you might enjoy some success in the short-run but will definitely suffer the consequences in the end. All you have to do is do the smart thing and invest in great SEO.