Termite Barriers Gold Coast

Tips On Saving Your Home From Termites Using Barriers

When it comes to the prevention and eradication of termites, there’s a couple of things that are important to keep in mind, first of all, there are literally billions upon billions of termites living underground  in nearly every part of the world.  These termites have been there eating all of the rotten tree roots and searching for more for millions of years. When man clears out a part of the forest and builds a house out of wood, he’s basically invading the termite’s territory and placing a giant piece of food, his house, right on the termite’s dinner plate. If you start squishing termites now, and squish them as fast as you can until the day you die, you won’t make a dent in their overall population, and they’ll still eat your house. So, one of the best ways to win the battle with termites is to put in termite barriers that prevent them from ever reaching your home.  Let’s take a look at two different types of barriers right now.

First one we’ll take a look at is called the chemical termite barrier. It is just what it sounds like, a chemical barrier that is put into the ground all around your home so it when a termite passes through, it has no other choice but to go through this barrier to reach your home, and when he does he’s poisoned by the insecticide and dies. To do this effectively a termite barriers gold coastspecial insecticide that doesn’t break down rapidly in the soil, and is slow acting on the termite so he has a chance to take it back and spread it around the colony with his buddies.  This barrier is laid out by digging a trench all around the home that is then filled with the special termite control insecticide and allowed to penetrate deeply into the soil.

The second type of termite barrier is more of a physical barrier. It is made from webbing that is been chemically treated with insecticide, which is then laminated between two pieces of plastic, like a sandwich.  Termite barriers Gold Coast stressed; this physical barrier, when included with the insecticide layer is impenetrable by the termites and can last up to 50 years in the soil. While fairly expensive to buy and install, the long lifetime of the product makes it well worth the price.

So there you have two excellent ways to keep termites from entering your home. For most people their home is the largest investment they will ever make, so it makes sense to take advantage of any technology that would keep it safe from termite damage.

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